Welcome  to

South  Aiken  Presbyterian  Church

Our church seeks to be a caring family whose mission is

“Opening Doors To Serve Christ”

Sunday Worship at 8:45 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.

Refreshments & Coffee in the Family Life Center at 9:45 a.m.

Adult & Children's Sunday School 10:00 a.m.

Nursery provided during all worship services

We also house an excellent kindergarten

A Time of Transition

SAPC  is in period of transition.  We currently have an  interim pastor who will serve until a new pastor is selected and called to our church.  The Rev. John A. Muse is serving as SAPC's Interim Pastor.   For more about Reverend Muse, click here.

Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC)

On October 14, 2018 SAPC held a special congregational meeting to elect members to serve on a Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC).   In so doing, the congregation commissioned the PNC to search for a new pastor.  SAPC's PNC consists of two (2) active Elders, one (1) active Deacon, and four (4) members-at-large, one of whom is a youth. The make-up of SAPC's PNC is as balanced as possible with regard to male/female and young/old.  Those elected on October 14th were:  Greg Burkes, Shirley Colburn, Robert Glance, Crissy Kuhl, Brooke Sheehan, Haley Culp, and Corey Glenn (youth).   The PNC meets on a frequent and regular schedule, and its work is confidential.  The PNC is currently developing a Ministry Information Form (MIF), which will provide a narrative picture of the mission and ministry of the congregation and its sense of call.  Once the MIF is finalized, the PNC will enter it into the Church Leadership Connection (CLC), a web-based tool in the call process that helps search committees and candidates make an initial connection. This initial connection is followed, where indicated, by a deeper exchange of information, conversation and discernment.  At the end of the screening, interview, and evaluation process, the PNC will select and nominate a candidate to be SAPC's next pastor.


With God's continued grace and direction, SAPC is continuing to Opening Doors To Serve  Christ.