2019 SECRET SANTA Program

South Aiken Presbyterian's Secret Santa program provides Christmas gifts to Aiken County families in need. Eligible children ages newborn to 13 years receive up to three wrapped Christmas presents with a total value of about $50. The presents are selected from a "wish list" provided by their families.  Eligibility is based on family need and income.

Registration for 2019 will take place in the church narthex on Saturday, October 26th, and Saturday, November 2nd, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.  The main entrance to the church is located on the Whiskey Road side of SAPC. Parking is available in front and to the side of the church.  Parents/guardians should bring identification and proof of income.  The ID can be a driver's license or photo ID.  Proof of income can include pay stubs, social security amount, veterans' benefit amount, verification of food stamps or AFDC letter verifying income.  The parent/guardian should also bring identification for each child being registered.  This can be a birth certificate and student ID or Social Security card.

Click here for more information about our Secret Santa program.