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Here's what is being offered at sapc this FALL!!

                                     Singing the Bible

This class is studying Singing Theological Themes this fallA detailed schedule is provided below.  Classes are held in the sanctuary at 10:00 a.m. and conclude promptly at 10:30 a.m.  Class leaders are Dale Stephens and Paul Ebel.

This class continues to examine the Glory to God Presbyterian Hymnal.  Attendees this fall will work through the second half of the hymnal, which examines eighteen theological themes. So, there are many great hymns to be sung!

                                        Senior Adults

This class is studying a David C. Cook series that examines God’s World and God’s People.  It meets in the library at 10:00 a.m. and concludes in time for attendees to claim their favorite pew for the 11:00 a.m. service.  The class leaders are Steve Stine and Shirley Colburn.

Continuing through November, this class will begin looking at God’s World and God’s People.  The emphasis will be from the Book of Genesis - specifically Adam & Eve, Noah, Abraham, & Sarah and Isaac & Jacob.


This class is studying Exodus.  The class is held in the Fellowship Hall at 10:00 a.m.  Class leaders are Mary Bunch and

Paul Ebel.

The Origins class began in January 2017 as a study of the book of Genesis. However, after finishing Genesis in February of this year, the class elected to continue into the book of Exodus. Attendees usually read a chapter together each week and discuss textual, historical, linguistic, and theological issues. Come join its journey through the Exodus!

                                          Couples’ Class

This class meets upstairs in the Family Life Center (FLC) in the Couples’ Classroom (Room 203).  The class leader is Robert Glance.



Singing the Bible

Sundays @ 10:00 a.m.

Last year, this class sang through the story of the Bible with hymns 1-384 from the Glory to God Presbyterian hymnal.  This fall,  it picks up the hymnal once again and concentrates on the eighteen theological themes found in the second half of the hymnal.  The class is working through a collection of hymns, psalms, and spirituals that gives voice to SAPC's core beliefs and theological convictions.  The text of the hymns are "compact theology" and the selection of hymns and songs shape theological thinking and ultimately faith practices.  Below are the hymns and themes this class is studying this fall:

Sept. 2nd:  Gathering (385-414)

Sept. 9th:  Confession (415-434)

Sept. 16th:  Forgiveness (435-449)

Sept. 23rd:  The Word (450-463)

Sept. 30th: Worship at Friendship Baptist (cancelled)

Oct. 7th:  Prayer (464-474)

Oct. 14th:  Sending (539-550)

Oct. 21st:  Service Music (551-609)

Oct. 28th:  Adoration (610-642)

Nov. 4th:  Thanksgiving (644-661)

Nov. 11th:  Celebrating Time (662-687)

Nov. 18th:  Dedication and Stewardship (688-717)

Nov. 25th:  Discipleship and Mission (718-748)

Dec. 2nd:  Justice and Reconciliation (749-774)

Dec. 9th:  Lament and Longing for Healing (775-800)

Dec. 16th:  Living and Dying in Christ (801-836)

Dec. 23rd:  Jesus Christ: Birth (108-156)

Dec. 30th:  Trusting in the Promises of God (837-853)

You're invited!

Join us in Sunday School

South Aiken Presbyterian Church seeks to help people of all ages know what it means to be a Christian, guides people to tell God's story in relation to their own story, and prepares members to hear God's call to go and serve.  We help learners hunger for faith-filled conversations around scripture and live lives of faithful action.

Some of the Sunday school classes below have created short videos telling what they do. To view the videos of these classes, simply click on the picture and, if a video is available, it will pop up.  

We hope you will join us soon for Sunday School

where we can Move With God together! 

  • Singing the Bible

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  • Couples' Class Video

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  • Sr. Adults Video

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  • Youth Video

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  • Middle School Video

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  • 2nd-5th Grade Video

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  • 3K - 1st Grade Video

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  • Nursery & Toddlers

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And there's more...

We experience the grace and love of Christ through many ministries at South Aiken Presbyterian and sometimes it is hard to distinguish where one ministry begins and the next begins. We hope to foster intergenerational relationships, incorporate all generations in worship, share in service projects, and engage everyone in learning.  Bringing the generations together provides benefits and blessings on many levels. 

Below are some of our intergenerational acitivities.

  • Food for Thought

    For several weeks during Lent and in the fall, we offer a special teaching series entitled n Food for Thought.  We gather on a weeknight   to share a meal, share fellowship, and learn.

  • Promotion Sunday

    In August, we gather in the gym to say thank-you to our teachers, promote our children and youth, dedicate our confirmands, sing a little, play a little, and share a delicious breakfast. 

  • Picnics and Potlucks

    Twice a year, in October and May, we gather as a church family and enjoy fellowship and fun.

  • Kids and Heavenly Grandparents

    Children and our Heavenly Grandparents enjoy getting together to paint some pottery, play some games, or head to a medieval playground together. 

  • Youth Reaching Out to Children

    The youth of our church family are very involved in the faith formation of our youngest disciples. Amongst other things, they help with First Fridays/ Parents Night Out and are significant leaders during during Vacation Bible School. 

click on the pictures below to read more about these particular ministries:

  • Children and Families

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  • Youth 6th - 12th

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  • Adult Groups

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  • Young Adults

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  • Young @ Hearts

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