Our church believes in the value of having an active library where all ages can learn about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, and how to help yourself and others in today's world.

The Library is located mid-hallway behind the Sanctuary and is AWESOME, all due to our volunteer librarians, Myra and Leo.

In her prior work life Myra taught and she continues her passion of reading to children in various programs throughout Aiken County. In Leo's work life, he worked for a large library system in Ohio. Both generously offer their talents and time to organize, donate old and purchase new materials, and maintain the library.

The comfy setting of the library contains Christian fiction, non-fiction, self-help, devotional, and a myriad of reference books, including Bibles and hymnals. There are VHS tapes, audio books and DVDs to loan.  The self-check-out is simple and we have no late fees!

Newer books are usually placed on the Red Cart and on the round table for your enjoyment. Stop in and be surprised with the selection.