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Family Summer Sunday School at Home!

The primary place for faith formation is in the home. Even if you can’t always make it to Sunday School this summer, what if you had something easy you could share at home on the couch, around the table, in the car on the way to the mountains, at grandma’s, on the beach, at the park, or wherever is comfortable. We want you to will feel more confident and comfortable talking about faith connection with the Lord with your kids. Illustrated faith resources for families include simple and practical devotionals for families, coloring sheets, and activities that can do together that will provide a safe place to get them talking, reflecting, and questioning (whether your children realize it or not!).  If your Sabbath day with your family isn't on Sunday, then do it anytime.

If you do take a few minutes during the week to gather together for a short time, just snap a picture of wherever you are, and post it to Facebook so that we can stay connected with you. 

An Illustrated Earth for Families takes the 12 lessons that South Aiken Pres will be doing in combined Sunday School this summer, and adapts them for conversations at home with your family. P

Of course, we would love for you to join us on Sunday Morning with goodies at 9:45 AM  for all ages and Sunday School at 10:00 am with 3K-5th grade in Mrs. Hoepker's Classroom. It's the first classroom on the right-hand side coming down the back hallway of the preschool building. 

A Lesson for each week

June- Water Stories

July-Plant and Food Stories

August - Animal Stories

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the lesson will appear in pdf

Please note that these lessons for families have been exclusively purchased for South Aiken Presbyterian Church through and are not to be reproduced for use outside of your family.

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  • July 3

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  • July 31

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  • June 12

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  • July 10

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  • August 7

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  • June 19

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  • July 17

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  • August 14

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  • June 28

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  • July 24

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  • August 20

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This is what the Church is willing to do so that your family can have easy access. 

What will you be willing to do as a family to connect with each other around God’s stories? 

The lesson for each Sunday will be posted in these SEVEN places: 

*on our church’s webpage and organized by date

*on our Church’s Facebook Page  

*emailed in the weekly Constant Contact messages from children and families

*included in the weekly Spirit Express e-news

*hard copies will be left for you to pick up on the bulletin board located in the back hallway of the sanctuary building

*week 1 will be mailed to the home of each family in our church, and you can ask for it to be mailed to you each week

*a message with the file can be texted to your phone so you can access it on the go